What, Meme Worry?

1497606_585437854838634_1397874602_nToday’s episode of LPS featured an awesome moral that normally isn’t done in cartoons nowadays.

During nail clipping day at the shop, one of Blythe’s friends takes a picture of Sunil being anxious. He then sticks it on memegenerator, as seen above. The image goes viral and everyone is surprised that it took off.

Two parties are instantly jealous: Zoe and the Bizkit’s. With her end goal being famous, Zoe is upset that Sunil does nothing with his fame and had earned it so easily while she remains in obscurity. The Bizkits want to be famous as well as they’re “so much cuter than that turtle thing” and rope in the butler to make their own Friday-esque video, including out of place adult rapping as he drives the stars around.

Everyone makes fun of the Bizkits and Zoe earns her fame being filmed howling in pain over the twins’ singing. The moral of the episode really isn’t discussed as clearly as they tend to be in MLP, but it was mentioned. Sunil was famous, yes, but it was because someone put him on the Internet without his permission, causing him (even more) anxiety. Zoe wants to be famous and finally does by being herself. Millions of people make fun of the Bizkits and Blythe feels bad for them.

Kids these days can easily become viral (see: David after Dentist), especially when they’re not the ones being put online. LPS characters use “chatspeak” and other Internet-savvy slang, so covering the topic of virality and fame by meme is quite fitting for LPS. A stupid class picture or a pair of pooped pants can be forgotten, but if it goes online it lives forever, which this episode could have talked about, as that’s a concept a lot of kids aren’t getting.

The voice actors seem to be able to play a lot more with their voices on LPS. Both Sunil and Vinnie did impersonations of other people in this episode, and they sounded like a person doing a bad impersonation of random people. Vinnie duplicated what a TV news anchor would sound like from inside a vivarium (a cutaway shows this is how he hears) and it’s hilarious. Peter New is still an excellent “otter” “bear cub thing” as well.


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