To Paris with Zoe


It’s nice to see that the pet jet still exists.

Zoe’s owners are sick, so Blythe gets to chaperone Zoe on her trip to Paris for a show. The pets that are left behind are excited that Zoe gets to hang out in France and they sing the song Chez Paris. Also everyone when they go to France wears berets. Because it’s France.

Zoe gets distracted by a dog street mime named Philippe, who has quite an interesting character design. Madame Pomme is there as well, but Zoe ignores her as she daydreams over Philippe. Blythe drops Zoe off at the dog show to go on  a tour with the co-pilot’s daughter, but Zoe goes off to see Philippe again. She finds out that he’s only a pretty face and doesn’t have much depth to him, but she gets so distracted she gets booted from the competition. Madame Pomme, seeing that her friend realized that there’s more to life than guys, quits the competition and reenters to compete with Zoe as a team.

Back at home, Vinnie is addicted to The Insect Channel. Just like a real lizard, he tries to eat the flies on the tv. He keeps the others from watching Zoe’s dog show until they convince him that he doesn’t want to feel bad about this later.

The “OMG FRANCE” aspects of the show were really annoying. Cafe au lait (coffee with milk in it) and chocolat (hot chocolate) aren’t “real” French cafe only things. There’s more to eat than baguettes. There’s more landmarks in Paris than the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. They don’t say “sacre bleu!” in Canada; this show is made in Vancouver, they should know that Quebec and Canada aren’t the same thing. “Excuse me” is not “Pardonnez-moi;” that’s “pardon me.”

As someone with a French ancestry, I really dislike seeing the rich culture being distilled to baguettes and berets. It’s similar to the buffalo in MLP being just teepees, war paint and war bonnets.

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