The Treasure of Henrietta Twombly

969442_581492351899851_1646134661_nYou can tell it took place in the past because of all the sepia and lines in the film.

The episode opens as the starting to an in-world reality show where totally-not-Steve-Irwin is a treasure hunter. Over 100 years ago, Henrietta Twombly buried her fortune in her home. Since then, the city has been built and Littlest Pet Shop was built on top. Pepper is a huge fan of the show and Vinnie and Zoe try to get on the show as actors. Pepper explains “[i]nstead of getting actors to pretend stuff, [reality tv] gets real people to pretend stuff.”

As the show host starts digging through the floor to find treasure, we find out through a series of flashbacks that Mrs. Twombly’s land is being built around by the Bizkit Brothers (which is just the Bizkit twins flash puppets with mustaches and period clothing) into a settlement. The brothers find out about the treasure and try to get it, but the pets keep moving it to keep it safe. Eventually the modern-day pets and Blythe find the treasure at the bottom of the dumbwaiter.

The show host is disappointed when the treasure is revealed to be pet food and leaves. Mrs. Twombly finds a book in it with her ancestor’s recipes and is elated.

The structure of this episode is really confusing. Why did Henrietta have a pet panda? Why is New York City in ye olde west? Why was the area completely devoid of anything but a few settlers a hundred years ago? How did paw prints stay in the cement after all this time? The jumps between “flashbacks” and the modern story tells the viewer what’s going on, but how the characters know these things is never really explained. The “true” treasure of the recipes will only be used to feed the current pets, not used to recreate famed recipes and earn the store more money.

This would have been a really neat episode in My Little Pony, as it could use magic to explain things, while LPS is stuck using realism, which makes this episode confusingly told and hard to follow.


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