“Sweet Pepper” Review

We are going to get to “Plane it on Rio” in due time since that aired the day of this review, but let’s get caught up one-by-one with the episodes we have not covered, yet, starting with “Sweet Pepper.”

This episode aired on the same day that “Simple Ways” aired on MLP. Through sheer coincidence, the episode involves a character voiced by Tabitha St. Germain (Pepper in this case) having a crush. Fortunately, Pepper does not have to compete with anybody, nor turn into a farmer. The object of affection is a European polecat named Captain Cuddles. (Who has a pet polecat, let alone call him Captain Cuddles?) That’s our A-plot.

The B-plot is Blythe trying to finish a book before seeing the movie adaptation with Youngmee and Jasper, but distractions are about, namely a certain sweet bunny we’ve hardly seen this season.

Pepper is smitten with Cuddles, but she has trouble socializing with him because she instinctively punches his arm and her imagine spots with him ending with one of her pranks suggests. Zoe, Minka, and Penny Ling will try to give her advice on how to better present herself to Cuddles. Cuddles later admits to guys in the room to liking Pepper to the male pets, though they are not technically the same species. Polecats are more closely related to weasels than skunks are. Sunil and Vinnie are indifferent to this while Russell will utter his last five lines in the episode with the same thing—”Pepper?!”

Back on track, the female pets give Pepper a makeover and give her all sorts of advice (like no arm punching) and it turns out as predictably as you might think. Blythe, after her B-plot, comes in and basically tells Pepper to be herself (or be a “girly girl” in her own way), and that ends up being effective when talking to Cuddles.

Blythe had tried to finish the book (which appears similar to “The Hunger Games”), but Buttercream comes along wanting attention from a human that Youngmee’s Aunt Christie was not giving her recently. Blythe tries to do both simultaneously and also avoid spoilers from Youngmee and Jasper. She almost gets there before Christie accidentally spoils it for her. Christie did come around to giving Buttercream more attention by being more flexible with her, but gave away the ending of the book for Blythe. Blythe’s reaction to the spoilers was golden.

I’m glad they went a different route than was MLP the hour before. It would’ve been too trite to do the same thing a fellow show did. Again, we have more of Tabitha St. Germain’s brilliance. It was nice to see Buttercream for an extended amount of time for the first time this season, not to mention some real character development. It’s a pity we have not seen her much since. And the humor is spot on and there was truly little wrong with it. Back-to-back good entries for Season Two along with “Super Sunil.”

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