“Super Sunil” Review

I have offered to fill in since we haven’t done these in a while. Usually, the show has an A-plot and a B-plot and usually both are only tied in slightly. Here, the A-plot leads to the resolution of the B-plot in this one.

The A-plot is that Sunil is frustrated about being a “coward” after a freakout over insects that causes him to scream at a pitch that only dogs can hear and the dogs become the proverbial bulls inside the China shop known as LPS. Penny Ling offers to help Sunil by making him a Superhero (“El Cobra Cabal”)—with herself as a sidekick (“Panda-Monium”). The B-plot is that Blythe is helping Youngmee and her Aunt Christie find a parking spot in the city and a prime location to sell their treats via their mobile stand. However, the Biskits take the spot with their oversized bus, their robot from “Gailbreak” who can alter traffic lights to their favor, and liver wurst sandwiches and sticky soda pop that are both terrible in quality. But the Biskits don’t care–they just want to monopolize the block. Oh, by the way, we get a return for Sugar Sprinkles and she actually serves a purpose this time, unlike in “Sweet (Truck) Ride” where she did absolutely nothing except admire the scenes around her in the truck.

Back to the A-plot, the pets set up a ploy for Sunil to “rescue” Pepper, and with help, Sunil succeeds. The superhero thing becomes more real as Sunil sets out to do more heroic things thinking he has superpowers. Actually, Penny does all the handy work in making Sunil look heroic and gets help from luck once in a while. Penny comes clean that Sunil does not really have Superpowers, but also adds that he wasn’t scared when performing heroic deeds. But Sunil leaves in a huff in thinking he’s still a coward.

Sunil and Penny join the B-plot when Blythe and the other pets plan to help the Sweet Delights truck get the parking spot, they plan to use the crosswalks as the Biskits robot needs to stop for pedestrians. (PLOTHOLE ALERT: Wouldn’t that be solved by altering the traffic lights?) Anyway, the Biskits spray Blythe and the pets with the sticky soda and it appears they will get to the parking spot yet again, but Sunil gets Penny to scare him to do his high-pitched scream that only dogs can hear to create another crossing. Thus, allowing Youngmee and her Aunt to get the parking spot and Sunil is a hero for real.

I like the interactions between Penny Ling and Sunil here. Penny is timid and sensitive herself at times, but puts it aside to help Sunil. The song and fourth-wall breaking that goes with it was really funny. However, once again the Biskits are part of the negative aspects of this episode It’s not just because they stoop to Diamond Tiara levels of meanness, but they nearly become karma houdinis in this episode. It’s bad enough that they’re mean girls who are otherwise useless–though they’ve been getting even meaner as Season Two progresses. Making them karma houdinis like DW from Arthur makes it all the worse.

Surely it’s a violation for the Biskits to have a gadget to alter traffic lights when those are normally reserved for ambulances, fire trucks, and police. It’s get more muddied when Blythe and the pets use the crosswalk plan because the gadget should be able to offset that. Ultimately, that’s a nitpick in what was otherwise a good episode featuring two of the favorite pets of the show (unless you tend to disagree in the comments below).

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