So Interesting


Penny gets her very own episode and remains adorable. Everything is adorable.

Everyone is bored in the park, so they tell stories. Pepper, even though she wants to be a stand-up comedian, is awful at telling stories. Zoe talks about how she gave up being a rich housewife (housedog? Can dogs get married?) to keep her career. Vinnie got his tongue stuck on a train once. Minka is related to royalty somehow. Penny Ling gets nervous because she thinks she’s not interesting, so she comes up with a story about the green bean fairy queen and how she’s from a fairy land.

The watering stone that keeps water flowing in the land gets stolen by the crab witch and Penny Ling has to go get it. She runs into various fantasy creatures, all played by her friends at the shop. It’s all really cute and imaginative.

The other pets and Blythe love the story and can’t wait to hear its conclusion. Pepper is skeptical on whether or not this is a true story and Penny breaks down when confronted. The pets still love the story, and Blythe points out that being a great story teller is itself interesting.

Storytelling is indeed an important skill, but it’s something that’s not normally fostered in cartoons, as it’s hard to show someone write a story or tell a story without taking up a whole episode. Penny Ling also doesn’t get much attention, so it was great seeing her get some spotlight for once.

One important question remains: Are all the other pet’s stories false? Each story gets a little more unrealistic and culminates in Penny Ling’s obviously fabricated tale, but it took quite awhile for the pets to figure it out.

  • The Shop Soldier

    Definitely one of Season 2’s best efforts – without saying much else, either, IMHO.