Season 2 of Littlest Pet Shop Begins Today

From Twily Daily

From Twily Daily

MLP isn’t here quite yet, but Littlest Pet Shop is! Episodes 1 and 2 of season 2 aired today. Episodes 3 and 4 will be in the coming weeks. Past the break you’ll find new episode descriptions and some quick reviews of today’s new episodes.

Every episode synopsis was leaked on Amazon instant and are listed below. Air Dates are listed on Amazon as well. Anything past episode 4 has not been confirmed by Hasbro or the HUB and could change.

S2E01: Missing Blythe: “The pets at Littlest Pet Shop come up with a plan to visit Blythe while she is away at fashion camp for the summer. ”

S2E02: The Nest Hats Craze!: “Blythe starts a new fashion craze with her wild “Nest Hat”, and it’s up to the pets to take care of the newly hatched chick, which was previously an egg in the Nest Hat, while Blythe tries to find the chick’s mother.”

S2E03: Eight Arms to Hold You: “Russell is excited about his first overnight stay at Littlest Pet Shop with Blythe, until mysterious happenings awaken his fear of ghosts. Meanwhile, Sunil and Vinnie pull out every stop to crash Russell and Blythe’s slumber party, on “Littlest Pet Shop,” Saturday, November 9 at 11:30 a.m. ET/8:30 a.m. PT on the Hub Network.”

S2E04: Heart of Parkness: “After facing a dangerous cobra that escaped from Littlest Pet Shop, Sunil becomes a hero to the raccoons of City Park and must decide whether to stay and be their king, or return to his friends at the Littlest Pet Shop. Meanwhile, Blythe and the pets realize Sunil is missing and frantically search for their friend in hopes that nothing has happened, on “Littlest Pet Shop,” Saturday, November 16 at 11:30 a.m. ET/8:30 a.m. PT on the Hub Network.”

S2E05: Pawlm Reading: “Controversy surrounds Littlest Pet Shop when a self-proclaimed pet psychic sets up shop in the store.” November 23

S2E06: The Treasure of Henrietta Twombly: “The history of Littlest Pet Shop is uncovered when Mrs. Twombly is informed of buried treasure located beneath the lot.” November 30

S2E07: What, Meme Worry? “An image of Sunil becomes an Internet phenomenon, much to the chagrin of Zoe, and to the vanity of the Biskit twins.” December 7

S2E08: The Big Feathered Parade: “Blythe must prove the ownership of her designs for a parade after having them stolen by another designer, while Vinnie tries to please his idol, Nigel, who is the grand marshal for this year’s parade.” December 12

S2E09: A Day at the Museum: “Blythe must retrieve the pets after they get lost in a natural history museum.” December 19

S2E10: Alligators and Handbags: “Blythe struggles to regain her confidence after a destructive critique session. Meanwhile, the pets welcome an alligator into the pet shop, who proves to be juvenile.” December 26

S2E11: Commercial Success: “Slow business prompts Mrs. Twombly to shoot a commercial for Littlest Pet Shop.” January 2

S2E12: So Interesting: “Penny Ling invents a convoluted tale during a story-creation session among the pets.” January 9

S2E13: Super Sunil: “The Sweet Delights truck returns, and Blythe struggles to find adequate parking space for it. Meanwhile, Penny Ling tries to give Sunil confidence by fabricating him having superpowers.” January 16

S2E14: Sweet Pepper: “Blythe must babysit Buttercream while trying to finish reading a book simultaneously, while Pepper struggles to socialize with a visitor to the day camp whom she finds herself smitten with.” January 23

S2E15: Grounded: “The results of DNA testing for two of the pets cause panic in the day camp. Meanwhile, Rodger is laid off from his job as a pilot, and assumes the role of the Biskit twin’s personal assistant and chauffeur instead.” January 30

S2E16: Inside Job: “The pets are driven to madness trying to identify a hum resonating from inside the shop, while Blythe runs for class president against the Biskits.” February 6

S2E17: Littlest Bigfoot: “Rodger takes Blythe and the pets to a camping trip in search of Bigfoot.” February 13

S2E18: Sunil’s Sick Day: “Russell tries to reconcile Sunil and Vinnie’s friendship after an emotional falling-out sparks between them.” February 20

S2E19: The Hedgehog in The Plastic Bubble: “Russell and Blythe find themselves in a (partially imagined) state of solitude.” February 27

S2E20: Standup Stinker: “The pets try to convince Minka that she is the first monkey to land on Mars, and Pepper asks Blythe for input for her stand-up comedy act.” March 6


Episode 1:

To recap (as the show did), Blythe got accepted to fashion summer camp. She’s excited to go off and work on her passions, but disappointed that she’ll miss out on spending time with her friends and the pets. Ultimately she decides to go to the camp to work on her skills as a fashion designer.

The season starts with her at Fashion University North, the college hosting the summer program. The amount of work Blythe does is similar to that of a college student, with lectures such as the history of plaid and many late-night homework assignments and projects to do. She makes a number of friends who are never named (except for her roommate, who wore a fedora one day), so we can assume we’ll never see them again. Blythe loves how much she’s learning but misses her dad and friends. All anyone cares about at camp is fashion and Blythe desperately wants a break.

The pets miss Blythe but put on happy faces when she watches them over webcam every morning. They wonder how they can keep up the act. Mrs. Twombly announces to the pets (and Blythe’s summer replacement) that she got a shuttle to pick up and drop off pets for day camp. Of course, this leads to the pets coming up with a plan to make Mrs. Twombly drive them to camp to pick up an imaginary pet as an excuse to visit Blythe.

Over at camp, Blythe finds out that the campers can go to the city for a day off and she immediately signs up to see the pets. Much like a sitcom, both parties stop at the same rest stop and manage to not see each other and learn at their destination that the people they wanted to meet are where they just were. How cliche!

They both head back and run into each other at the rest stop, where Blythe tells her dad that she wants to quit camp and stay home for the summer. This is where I feel the episode is quite week. Everyone misses home when they’re away, whether it be summer camp, a vacation or going to college. It’s hard, but it’s something you have to do to get what you came for. Blythe misses the people back home, but she also misses the freedom of doing things besides fashion design. The writers could have focused on how you shouldn’t pursue one interest to the extreme, otherwise it’s not fun anymore. But instead they focused on how rough it is to be away from home.

The episode did have two songs, the second being a different version of the first that gradually adds horror elements, as Blythe sees herself as a zombie stuck at a sewing machine, devoid of fun or passion. This episode could have been fantastic but just missed the mark.

Episode 2:

This hat-themed episode begins when Blythe goes to a fashion show. The Bizkit twins shove her out of the way in hopes of landing a spot on national T.V., but a bird nest falls out of a tree and lands on Blythe. The T.V. host notices this “nest hat” and raves about it, quickly creating a nest hat craze throughout the nation (or at least the city).

During the scuffle Blythe’s phone is broken and the Bizkit’s father makes them get a job to buy her a new one. They decide to make themselves be Blythe’s PR team and, assumedly, ruin her as the nest hat spokeswoman out of spite for ruining their chance to be famous. Instead they tie Blythe to a chair and demand various things “for” Blythe and bask in the free swag.

The pets babysit the egg found in the original nest hat, which hatches into a baby bird Russell names Hubble, presumably like the telescope. Russell is a terrible bird mother but tries his hardest, though he refuses to feed him with regurgitated food.

Blythe escapes and leaves the building to see that various wild birds are attacking people wearing nest hats. She then uses the new phone she swiped from the Bizkits to film the chaos and put it online. The video goes viral and immediately causes everyone to throw out the hats to end the Hitchcock-style attacks. The birds then steal the discarded hats to make into their new homes.

Russell and Blythe return Hubble to the nest, where his robin mother shows up. Together they fly off, but not before saying goodbye. Someone in the park then notices the two and shout “Hedgehog hat!” and begin going nuts for the new craze.

The episode had various nods to famous people, including Martha Stewart. The mayor of the city looks suspiciously like Uncle Moneybags from Monopoly (another Hasbro IP).


Overall, both episodes were sort of weak. None of the pets really stood out; Pepper might have had maybe 3 lines total. The Bizkits could have made a fool out of Blythe and embarrassed her, but instead they resorted to false imprisonment. Mrs. Twombly also does a poor job of supervising the pets, otherwise she would have noticed that there was now a baby bird in the pet day care. There were a number of plot holes that could have been filled but were skipped over for some reason.

The writing for Littlest Pet Shop isn’t of the same caliber as Friendship is Magic, as it relies on a lot of cliches or plots that have been used many times by other tv shows. For the target audience who aren’t as media-savvy, this shouldn’t be much of an issue, but it can definitely be a bore for older audiences.

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