We saw how the Fourth of July weekend had an adverse effect on ratings for “Amending Fences”, and now we see it for the Thanksgiving holiday for the season finale. “The Cutie Re-mark” drew an estimated 248,000 for Part 1 and 325,000 for Part 2 on Discovery Family last Saturday  That is less than the previous three season finales. Season Five finishes with an average viewership of 400,846 per episode. That’s well down from the 555,846 average from Season Four (-27.9%). There are quite a few factors going into this number such as the new name of the network. The fact that there are fewer subscribers to mostly every cable channel. The marketing (or lack of it) from Discovery Family, which is not in the basic cable tier.

There are many reasons as to perhaps why viewership on Discovery Family for MLP was not as high as last season, but there are also reasons outside of TV viewership that make this show a success.

As for Littlest Pet Shop, it was an uptick from last week. “Littlest Pet Shop of Horrors” drew an estimated 194,000 last Saturday on Discovery Family  That’s up over 30% from last week. After five episodes, LPS’s Season Four average now stands at 208,600 per episode.

Next up is “Game of Groans,” at noon ET/11am CT this coming Saturday on Discovery Family. (Well, winter IS coming.)

Ratings information for this report comes courtesy of Mitch Metcalf of Showbuzz Daily as sourced by Nielsen Media Research.


  • JakRZS

    Let’s face it Dan: The S6 Will be the final one, with the movie acting as the epilogue For the show. Two more years and it’s over….. But it’s better things Will go like this. I For one am not hyped For the S6, despite having loved the S4 and the S5 because Rogers leaving For Disney and McCarthy and Thiessen working on the movie making them unable to work on the main Series (this however makes me hyped For the movie and at least I can be sure the show won’t end on a sour note). With them gone I’m not sure How good can be the Sixth season, no matter How good the S4 and the S5 have been. At this point, continuing the show after the movie would be a suicide that Will ruin its reputation. But I’m sure this won’t happen, Hasbro already started hiring new leaders For the merchandize, so it’s pretty obvious the S6 and the Movie Will conclude the Series and that Hasbro already planted the first seeds For the G5. It was a Great ridde, but every good things have to come to an end. S6 and Movie and then it’s over guys. Make a deal with that.

    • GrammarNazi

      Why are you Capitalizing Random words? English does not Work that way.

    • Graem

      Then why has season seven already been ordered?

      • JakRZS

        Eeerrrr….. where did you exactly read that information…?

      • StatManDan

        What’s your source on that?

    • Meganinten007

      Maybe or maybe not. All I know is that this series marked the lives of many.
      MLP: FiM, forever!