Ratings Corner: “Pinkie Pride” and “Sweet Pepper”

Dan’s ratings report is in, again based on data published by TV Media Insights.

I guess the key to MLP getting over the half million mark for viewership is to keep things simple (that or not leak the episode to the Internet beforehand). “Simple Ways” drew 554,000 viewers on Saturday. That was a 20.7% jump from last Saturday’s airing of “Pinkie Pride.” It is also the 5th most-watched episode of MLP in show history knocking “One Bad Apple” out of the Top Ten. MLP and a Saturday offering of “Equestria Girls” snagged 9 of the top 11 spots on the Hub charts. The top MLP rerun was Wednesday’s (Feb. 5) showing of “A Friend in Deed” drawing 330,000. That was followed by the aforementioned “Equestria Girls” (324,000) showing that was part of yet another MLP marathon this past Saturday, and then a Friday showing of “Pinkie Pride” (311,000).

With half the season gone, there’s half the season to go for MLP. The average for the first half of Season Four is over 100,000 viewers per episode greater than the whole of Season 3. Indeed, eight of the 13 episodes so far account for eight of the ten most watched episodes in show history. There is very little dispute that MLP is not just driving the Hub Network, but arguably Hasbro as a whole.

MLP Season 4:
Episodes as of February 7th: 13
High: 733,000 (“Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 1”, 11/23)
Low: 397,000 (“Daring Don’t”, 12/7)
Season-to-Date Average Viewership:
First Half Average Viewership: 547,538
Highest Placing: 1st (ten times)
Lowest Placing: 2nd (twice)
Average Placing: 1st

Most Watched MLP Episodes:
1. Princess Twilight Sparkle (721,000 for both parts)
2. Power Ponies (683,000)
3. The Crystal Empire (601,000 for both parts)
4. Flight to the Finish (568,000)
5. Simple Ways (554,000)
6. Bats! (531,000)
7. Rarity Takes Manehattan (527,000)
8. Rainbow Falls (514,000)
9. Wonderbolts Academy (505,000)
10. Pinkie Apple Pie (499,000)

For the first time in two months, the first-run episode of LPS did better than the rerun that precedes it by a half hour. “Sweet Pepper” drew 245,000 viewers on Saturday and placed 7th. The viewership is a 23.1% increase from the same time the previous Saturday. The viewership is also the highest in five weeks for a first-run episode (“Blythe’s Big Idea) and the placement is the highest in six (“Alligators and Handbags”).

LPS Season 2:
Episodes as of February 7th: 15
High: 302,000 (“Eight Arms to Hold You”, 11/9)
Low: 163,000 (“What, Meme Worry?”, 12/7)
Season-to-Date Average Viewership: 229,063
First Half Average Viewership: 234,384
Second Half Average Viewership to Date: 206,000
Highest Placing: 1st (“Eight Arms to Hold You”, 11/9)
Lowest Placing: 35th (“Missing Blythe”, 11/2)
Average Placing: 17th

So both MLP and LPS had episodes featuring a character voiced by Tabitha St. Germain having a crush on someone. Both produced a “Rarity” that provided some “Pepper” to the viewership to both shows this week.

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