It was not as high a leap compared to last week’s episode, but “Leap of Faith” just managed to crack ten most-watched MLP episodes, according to the ratings published by TV Media Insights. The fifth of the key episodes drew 554,000 viewers on Saturday at 10:30am ET. An additional 268,000 viewed the episode at 12:30pm ET on Saturday. The combined viewership (which could include people who watched it again) was 822,000 on Saturday. For the stats below, we will just count the 10:30am showing since that is the first run.

It is easier to count the non-MLP shows among the Top 20 programs on the Hub Network. Actually, it is a Top 22 since there was a three-way tie for 20th. This week’s non-MLP shows in the Top 22 is six. MLP occupied 8 of the top 10 spots on the Hub chart.

MLP Season 4:
Episodes as of April 4th: 20
High: 733,000 (“Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 1”, 11/23/13)
Low: 397,000 (“Daring Don’t”, 12/7/13)
Season-to-Date Average Viewership: 558,650
First Half Average Viewership: 547,538
Second Half Average Viewership: 579,286
Highest Placing: 1st (18 times)
Lowest Placing: 2nd (twice)
Average Placing: 1.1

Most Watched MLP Episodes:
1. Princess Twilight Sparkle (721,000 for both parts)
2. Power Ponies (683,000)
3. For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils (658,000)
4. It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies (644,000)
5. Somepony to Watch over Me (625,000)
6. The Crystal Empire (601,000 for both parts)
7. Filli Vanilli (584,000)
8. Flight to the Finish (568,000)
t-9. Simple Ways (554,000)
t-9. Leap of Faith (554,000)

One of the two non-MLP programs in the top 10 was LPS’ “Hedgehog in the Plastic Bubble.” The episode drew 305,000 viewers which is a 4.1% increase from last week. It is the fifth episode this season to draw over 300,000 viewers. It’s a bit of a pity that this time slot change didn’t come sooner seeing as there are three episodes left this season for LPS.

LPS Season 2:
Episodes as of April 4th: 23
High: 362,000 (“Shanghai Hi-Jinks”, 3/8/14)
Low: 152,000 (“Littlest Bigfoot”, 3/15/14)
Season-to-Date Average Viewership: 238,391
First Half Average Viewership: 234,384
Second Half Average Viewership to Date: 243,600
Highest Placing: 1st (“Eight Arms to Hold You”, 11/9/13)
Lowest Placing: 54th (“Littlest Bigfoot”, 3/15/14)
Average Placing: 17.65

Most Watched LPS Episodes:
1. Blythe’s Big Adventure (520,500 for both parts)
2. Dumb Dumbwaiter (451,000)
3. Bad Hair Day (446,000)
4. Sweet (Truck) Ride (400,000)
t-5. Trading Places (383,000)
t-5. Eve of Destruction (383,000)
7. Terriers and Tiaras (365,000)
8. Lights, Camera, Mongoose! (363,000)
9. Plane it on Rio (362,000)
10. Door-Jammed (359,000)

StatManDan (Twitter: @StatManDan)

  • The Shop Soldier

    I think the harder thing to swallow regarding this week’s LPS – is the fact that this episode has become one of (NOT THE, one of…) the series’ mist hated episodes, too (I liked it enough, but I’m in the minority on that noise…).

    Such a high viewer count for this show, for such an easily bashed episode – More and more, I wonder if a third season is worth it at this point. Ratings are still too low to really justify it

  • StatManDan

    Re: Third Season: If Roger Eschbacher’s website is to be believed, the show is already confirmed for a third season:

    Re: The Episode: I could understand where many fans disliked this episode. both Blythe and Russell (and to an extent Youngmee) looked out-of-character giving in to irrational fears. They are usually the most rational characters on the show. It also seemed like that whole “Gerry Berry” (sp?) thing was completely unnecessary when you could’ve made it about Blythe fretting about acne.

    The show tends to go off the rails when Blythe is written well out-of-character (“Terriers and Tiaras” and “Inside Job”).

    • The Shop Soldier

      Noted for Victory – and as someone who actually liked that episode enough to not savage it, I’m aware teenagers can be like that sometimes, hence my warming up to this recent episode.

      However, that’s no excuse for stupidity. Don’t get me wrong on that. Teenagers (not all) are smarter than we give them credit for, but that’s no excuse to write them badly.

      As one person of few who will defend Blythe as a character, even I know seeing her act stupid is no fun to watch, unless it really can generate a proper laugh without ultimately coming off offensive to those watching this show… which isn’t always as successful ad these writers think, otherwise, hence this example.