Ratings Corner: Friendship is Magic and Littlest Pet Shop

Dan’s ratings report is in, based on data from TV Media Insights.

The return of Discord in Season Three did not provide a significant boost in viewership. “Keep Calm And Flutter On” was the 8th most-watched of the 13 Season Three episodes. Discord’s second appearance of Season Four did not provide a significant boost in viewership, either. “Three’s A Crowd is currently the third least-watched episode of Season Four. That’s 6% off last week’s “Rainbow Falls.” It is still top spot among Hub Network programming, but just the fourth episode not to reach a half million viewers. However, this coming week’s episode may not have such problems reaching that mark given how hard the Hub is pushing it.

Reruns of previous episodes make up half of the top 20 programs. Saturday’s repeat of “Rainbow Falls” came in 4th at 339,000 viewers. Among the reruns on weekdays, a Friday showing of “Over A Barrel” was the most watched between Monday and Friday at 239,000 in 10th place. With Monday thru Friday reruns, the new episode is rerun Monday at 4pm ET and again at 5pm ET on Friday. Previous season reruns air in between that. For this week starting January 27th, the order was from “Green Isn’t Your Color” to “Sweet and Elite”–skipping “Luna Eclipsed” as the Hub has usually done until Halloween time.

Here are the updated season-to-date figures for MLP (numbers only count first-run episodes):

MLP Season 4:
Episodes as of January 31st: 11
High: 733,000 (“Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 1”, 11/23)
Low: 397,000 (“Daring Don’t”, 12/7)
Average Viewership: 555,000
Highest Placing: 1st (nine times)
Lowest Placing: 2nd (twice)
Average Placing: 1st

Most Watched MLP Episodes:
1. Princess Twilight Sparkle (721,000 for both parts)
2. Power Ponies (683,000)
3. The Crystal Empire (601,000 for both parts)
4. Flight to the Finish (568,000)
5. Bats! (531,000)
6. Rarity Takes Manehattan (527,000)
7. Rainbow Falls (514,000)
8. Wonderbolts Academy (505,000)
9. Pinkie Apple Pie (499,000)
10. One Bad Apple (494,000)

The title of last Saturday’s episode of Littlest Pet Shop was “To Paris with Zoe.” Sadly, most viewers were saying, “to heck with this,” as the episode placed 25th among Hub Network programming and its second-lowest viewership for a first-run episode at 174,000. Sunday’s rerun of “So Interesting” was the most-watched LPS program at 220,000 viewers (15th place). Saturday’s re-airing of that episode drew 189,000 viewers making it eight out of ten weeks that the more people are catching the newest LPS episode the following week when it a new MLP episode precedes it.

This coming Saturday’s episode is titled, “Super Sunil.” It appears LPS could use superpowers to get back on par with MLP these days.

Here are the updated season-to-date figures for LPS (numbers only count first-run episodes):

LPS Season 2:
Episodes as of January 31st: 14
High: 302,000 (“Eight Arms to Hold You”, 11/9)
Low: 163,000 (“What, Meme Worry?”, 12/7)
Seasonal Average Viewership: 230,071
First Half Average Viewership: 234,384
Highest Placing: 1st (“Eight Arms to Hold You”, 11/9)
Lowest Placing: 35th (“Missing Blythe”, 11/2)
Average Placing: 17th

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