Littlest Pet Shop will get yet another reboot with a new show on Discovery Family debuting on April 14th at noon ET/11am CT after My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic. LPS had a show on Discovery Family (neé The Hub) from 2012 to 2016 lasting 104 episodes (also following MLP on the channel), but could not match the popularity of its fellow brand.

At Toy Fair NYC, it was announced by Hasbro that LPS was reassigned at a Emerging Brand while Baby Alive became the seventh franchise brand. LPS had been a franchise brand for a decade.

Back to the show, there will be no humans this time and the pet shop is central to a pet town called “Paw-tucket” (sharing its name with the home of Hasbro’s headquarters).

According to the press release from Discovery Family:

LITTLEST PET SHOP: A WORLD OF OUR OWN follows the many adventures of six cool and very different friends: Roxie, a lovable, supremely optimistic Boston Terrier; Jade, a Bombay short-hair with tons of catitude; Trip, a sweet-spirited hamster macho goofball; Quincy, an anxiety-prone, risk-averse fainting pygmy goat; Edie, a parakeet whose personality is a reflection of the 14-year-old drama-queen girl she lives with, and Bev, a cheerful, positive and supportive box turtle with a proclivity for self-improvement – she wants to be the best Bev she can be!

Fifty-two episodes have been ordered and will premiere with back-to-back episodes on April 14th. A collection of digital shorts appeared on YouTube previewing the show last year featuring Bev taking viewers on a tour of Paw-Tucket.


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