LPS Review: “Seeing Red”

In the B-plot, Blythe is writing a short story based on how her parents met as teenagers from her Mom’s journal. That leads to the A-plot about Miss Ocular Gushers Penny Ling and her curiosity about a red panda visitor named Scarletta and wanting to be tough like her. Penny Ling is being tired of the perception that she’s the “cute and sensitive” one. To prove it, she accepts Scarletta’s offer to go to a meeting of the Tough Panda Club in the park.

Meanwhile, Roger, in his deep cleaning day, accidentally turns on Blythe’s screen to the part of the short story where “R” wants to run off with “B” to be together. Of course, Roger jumps to the conclusion that the “B” is Blythe and is goofier than usual and becomes George Jetson in Jetsons episodes centering around Judy Jetson and a boy.

Blythe follows Penny Ling to the park, but for obvious reasons, cannot tell her Dad why she is going to the park, which is what Roger fears is to run off with secret boyfriend “R”. Penny Ling arrives at the rendezvous point, but there is no meeting. Scarletta just assumed that since Penny Ling is a panda, she wanted to see how tough she could be. Of course, Blythe tells a following Roger that the “R” is him and the “B” is Betty—Blyhte’s Mom.

It feels like the nice aside story to what will be the series finale, next Saturday. And, that’s all there is too it apart from addressing Penny Ling’s ocular gushers. Other than that, there’s really not much into this episode.

Pluses and Minuses:

+  Penny Ling

–  Roger jumping to a typical “father” conclusion



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