LPS Review: “On the Same Page”


Blythe is reading her Mom’s journal when she comes at a sudden stop which describes her Mom losing the ability to speak to animals. Because it would be too easy to double-check to see if the missing page is nearby, Blythe overreacts and tries to come up with an alternate way of communicating to the animals. That’s the A-plot. The B-plot is that the girls’ stuff is crowding the day camp and the boys are upset about it. Because it would not make much of an episode if they talked things out to make space for everything in the day camp right then an there, the boys move to the loft where they could do “boy things.”

By the middle of Act 2, it’s clear that both sides in the B-plot are missing each other, but can’t muster enough courage to admit that. Meanwhile, Blythe goes through two and a half acts in a vain attempt to come up with a suitable way to communicate with the pets in case she loses the ability to talk to them. It’s all about communication breakdowns. Blythe is fearing one that might happen one day and there’s one that’s really making things miserable in the day camp.

However, Roger comes in and give Blythe the advice to double-check things and make sure she is not mis-interpreting things. Indeed, there is a loose page in the back of the book that describes how one could lose the means of communicating with animals by doing exactly what Blythe did in “What Did You Say?”—taking a bad-tasting herbal remedy for a cold. Meanwhile, the pets finally sort out their differences and there is peace and harmony in the day camp again.

This was a good episode, though it suffers that both plots are “We could’ve avoided this” plots. Of course, that would be too easy for one and you need the run time for the other. To be fair though, people do have breakdowns in communication over petty disagreements and people sometimes don’t re-trace their steps straight away. Still, I can’t fault the episode because it didn’t devolve into a total mess unlike previous episodes with Blythe overreacting over something she really should not and the pets’ disagreements becoming an irritant.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Nice visuals of the vision for the “Boy Cave”
  • +  Both plots are handled well
  • +  Song
  • +  Boys vs. Girls resolved better than previous episodes.
  • –  Both are “We Could’ve Avoided This” plots
  • –  Boys vs. Girls has been done before on the show.



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