LPS Review: “Littlest Pet Street”


Rest In Peace

Well, this is it. The 103rd and 104th and final episodes of Littlest Pet Shop. Mrs. T is getting ready for the grand opening of Littlest Pet Street which includes a cinema for people and their pets. However, she is incredibly paranoid that Fisher Biskit would try to sabotage it. This is especially incredible considering that the Biskits have mostly been an afterthought in Season Four apart from the appearance of Mrs. Biskit, and they are barely seen in this episode (and not at all in Part 2). It’s fine to be nervous about advertising the opening of Littlest Pet Street and other things, but given what we’ve seen this season, fretting over Fisher Biskit is just not one of the them.

Meanwhile, the Pets are wanting to make of movie of their own for the cinema and have the use of Blythe’s smartphone. Of course, Russel tries to be Steven Spielberg, but needs other things like a script. On the publicity side, Blythe manages to get a internet pet sensation named Feline Meow to make an appearance. The only thing is that she needs to be flown to Downtown City from Bermuda among other demands as if Svengallop made them.

Of course, there’s a storm and the plane needs to make an emergency landing on an island. Of course, there’s damage to the plane and it won’t fly. They do turn it into a boat, but need a rhino (that somehow lives on said island) to push it into the lake and get a humpback whale to get it to Downtown City in quicktime.

All the while, Youngmee tries to buy time by having Zoe, then Pepper, and then Vinnie dress as Feline. It doesn’t go well with Zoe because the idea of dressing as a cat doesn’t go well with a dog to begin with, and Dr. Handsomeface is there and Zoe is still upset with him criticizing her singing from  “Un-vetted”. Pepper’s turn goes awry when Fuzzy from “Steamed” arrives and Pepper gets nervous and emits a bad scent. Vinnie only works for a while because Mrs. T.

Meanwhile, Penny Ling, Russell, Minka, and Sunil are with Blythe, Roger, and Feline Meow on the island. After getting off the island, Feline admits that she was jealous of the other pets getting along making the film even though there were missteps on the way and Roger has always known that Blythe could talk to animals and vice-versa, since Roger’s wife was able to do so. He was just waiting to Blythe to disclose it on her own terms.

Because this is a series finale for all intents and purposes, I am not going to give this episode a grade. It just doesn’t feel right to give one. The problems with plot convenience were especially omnipresent in Part 2 with the rhino on the island between Bermuda and Downtown City and the whale just passing by, but there were some good moments with song and its movie parodies and Roger’s use of Bermuda shorts for the sail.

It’s always sad to see a series you like go. Yes, I gave low grades to episodes from time to time, but the show also had great episodes and it did make it to 100. So, we at Derpy News would like to thank the cast and crew of Littlest Pet Shop on 104 episodes and four seasons on the Hub/Discovery Family. Thanks for the memories!

  • Best Season Four episode:  “Petnapper!”
  • Worst Season Four episode:  “The Tiniest Animal Store”
  • Best Episodes in the series: “The Secret Recipe”, “Petnapper!”, and “Lights, Camera, Mongoose”


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