According to a tweet from Littlest Pet Shop writer Roger Eschbacher, Season Four of LPS will be the show’s last. The season will be 26 episodes in length will would bring its apparent final total to 104 which would make it the either the second or third Hasbro animated series (depending on what Transformers: Rescue Bots does) to reach 100 episodes. Also according to Eschbacher, 21 of the episodes are locked while the remaining five are still being written.

The show last aired a new episode on Discovery Family on March 7th of this year and has been on hiatus since apart from series of four online shorts on the LPS website release just a few days ago.

The latest version of Littlest Pet Shop debuted on November 10th, 2012, and for a time, its viewership on what was then the Hub Network was close to, or even on par, that of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. However, viewership on the Hub/Discovery Family for the show faded since then. Despite the viewership declines in Season Three, a fourth season was already greenlit.

Given that the main priority for Hasbro is that tie-ins of its shows, which are based on toys, sell; LPS was quietly showing gains the last few quarters in sales after its re-invention was announced at the 2014 NYC Toy Fair.

It is unclear what will happen next for LPS as it is one of Hasbro’s seven franchise brands along with MLP, Transformers, Nerf, Play-Doh, Monopoly, and Magic: The Gathering; though more will likely be disclosed starting with Hasbro’s Q3 Earnings Call which is set for October 19th.


[Source: Madame Pom News]

  • WingedArtist28

    Actually, Writing has already been finished since May 2015 as far as I recalled. DHX Media is still currently animating the rest of Season 4, and some have been completed before airing is ready in the near future.



  • JakRZS

    This also makes me think about the fate of MLP as well. The ratings are stopping in S5 so far and of things keep to go like this the S5 Will end with a 260k avarage rating, which is just a bit more than LPS S3. MLP’s Sixth season has been greenlighted already, so that Will air regardless, but the probabilities that that season Will be the final one, with the 2017 movie acting as an epilogue For the Series, are pretty much to 90% at this point, and we can’t do anything about that, but to be honest it’s better things go like this. Like I Said in past Dan, it’s better For both MLP and LPS ending at the right time before they take the road that Spongebob, The Simpsons and Family Guy took and become zombie cartoons (I mean shows that last toomuch and they Lose much quality in the process). Everything must end before or after Dan but we don’t have to forget: Of a good show dies as a good show it Will remain good forever, and even thought those shows Will end soon, that doesn’t mean we can’t Return on them someday and rewatching their episodes, and like Twilight once Said “a good friend like a good book lasts forever”. Keep My words in your minds guys.

    • harry

      MLP is past the point of no return, LPS can still go out with a bang.

  • GirlaPH

    Oh wow, that’s a shame. I really like this show since it reminded me of FIM, since DHX Media made both shows. It’s going to be a shame that both series ended.