Blythe’s Big Idea

1477452_595936483788771_576713047_nI’m guessing that the TSA doesn’t exist in Downtown City.Blythe figures out that there’s going to be a large expo for pet fashion designers next year, but the only way to get in is to be a designer with your own shop. As she has no money, she needs to figure out a way to come up with having her own shop to take advantage of this opportunity.

Meanwhile, Blythe’s dad comes up with an idea for a pet-only flight and will be the pilot of the first-ever Pet Jet. The pets love this idea and have a song with a lot of cute references and jokes based on the names of places. The pets don’t get on the jet, but they pretend that they do.

Blythe and her friend Yung Me go out looking for a kiosk to buy. They find one for $250 and trade in her Vespa-like scooter for it, an absolutely awful trade. They get it back to the shop and Blythe and the pets spruce it up into a 3D model. Her father is very proud of her, though she’s scared of telling him about the scooter. He had figured it out and bought it back for her.

This episode builds a good groundwork for future episodes. This pet expo is going to come up again and we’ll see Blythe’s mall kiosk go through its struggles of small business. Unlike MLP, LPS doesn’t really have many episodes that require being watched in any specific order, so this is quite an interesting change of pace. The song was charming and the background pets on the pet jet looked really nice. Unlike MLP, they weren’t just color swaps of generic puppets, so a lot more work went into this crowd.


  • Anonymous

    >weren’t just color swaps of generic puppets, so a lot more work went into this crowd.

    It’s just flash , they copy-pasted pets in there.

  • Anonymous

    The episode set up the ending season finally and i liked that. and possibly give us more conflicts in the future. great start for a plot device.