Commercial Success


I think Littlest Pot Shop would do best in Colorado, not Little Italy, if you know what I mean.

The shop has almost no business except for people who confuse LPS for similarly-named businesses. Blythe recruits her friends to create a commercial for the shop to drum up some new customers. The pets discuss what commercials do, so now the kids at home know why there’s all those ads for Gak and Christian homeschooling during show breaks.

Her friends help her make the episode, with Jasper directing. He becomes very pushy and upsets everyone at the shop. He uses a computer program to make the pets look like they’re talking, with awfully dubbed voices, all supplied by jasper.

Mrs. Twombly was supposed to be in the commercial, but Jasper took her out because he thought she wasn’t so cool. She’s hurt, but more worried about why Jasper is acting so rude. He was so worried about looking uncool that he acted like a jerk.

By using the software again, he gives the pets their “right” voices, but they’re voicing the wrong ones (Zoe voices Russel and vice versa). How in the world he got the pets speaking written lines we’ll never know. The commercial is a success (get it).

The episode talks a lot about how commercials are a necessary evil and how things can be edited to bend the truth, though I’m not sure how much those products the Hub panders do kids would like this.

  • The Shop Soldier

    I’m surprised people aren’t harsher on this episode because of how Jasper conducted himself here.

    I think the biggest issue here i that if people didn’t like Jasper already, they’re going to think he’s at his most punchable here, which will make for a really bad episode in comparison to later, hopefully better episodes down the line than this one, too.

    Here’s hoping next week can make up for any disappointment felt here, or else this show’s got some trouble on its hands, knowing how down it is in the ratings department, if not just because of what you pointed out here.