Alligators and Handbags

tumblr_myhfqc1Nq41s09ni7o1_500Meet Wiggles McSunbask, everyone.

Mrs. Twombly exercises her excellent judgement once again: someone shows up with a cardboard box, leaves it and she assumes it’s a boarder for pet day care. The new pet, a much larger alligator, starts to bully the regulars and steals all the space in the playroom.They think up of a way to stand up to Wiggles, giving themselves TRON-inspired looks and hero personas.

This, of course, doesn’t work in the reality. Wiggles continues to bully them, and it’s only when he makes Penny Ling cry does Zoe stand up to him and call him out on his behaviour. Like most cartoon bullies, he breaks down and admits that he only acts mean because people assume gators have to be mean.

Blythe ignored the pets and their issues because she was too busy trying to impress the editor at Tres Blase magazine with her fashion designs. Her father flew the editor’s sphynx cat into the city and he was able to set up the meeting. The editor only gives a quick glance at Blythe’s work and sends her on her way. Her father tells her that you shouldn’t give up on something just because one person told you no, so she goes back to the office, resolute to get an answer. She stands up to the editor and demands to be seen, and it works. The editor admits that she only pretends to be rude to scare off the kissups.

Showing the same moral in two ways was an interesting take. Bullies are a common topic in kids’ cartoons, but showing that even big, important people are doing the same thing is quite interesting. The editor and the alligator were both filling in expectations on how they were supposed to act, which should help kids realize that this can apply to parents, teachers, bullies and everyone around them.


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