A Day at the Museum


I wonder what movie they’re trying to parody here….

Blythe takes all the pets over to the park to play, but its closed for re-seeding. They play in the yard of the museum instead. The ball bounces inside and Minka and Penny Ling chase after it.

While Blythe goes looking for the pets with the others in tow, Penny and Minka use their imaginations too much and pretend they’re playing with real dinosaurs. There’s a song and some of the other pets join them as they too get separated from Blythe.

This felt a lot like this week’s episode of MLP, in that a weird alternate-universe situation wanted to be explored, but there wasn’t any “good” way to explore it, so they have to go with the bizarre. A magic comic book in MLP made a bit of sense, as there’s a lot of magic that we don’t know just yet. But having multiple pets all interact with dinos in a song is a little odd.

LPS has had imaginative songs in the past (Wolfified, Humanarian), but the pretend only existed in the song. The petes here pretend to be playing with dinos for several hours. The episode ends with the ball they grabbed starting to hatch, cutting to black. Are the pets still pretending? Was this all a dream from the beginning? What’s Blythe thinking of all this?


  • StatManDan

    The dinosaur scenes made me immediately think of “Muppet Babies.” Compare that with what we saw with “Power Ponies,” and it’s just another example where LPS does not execute as well as MLP in a certain way.