The Big Feathered Parade

Ostrich knows hippo isn't correctly dressed up for the parade.

Ostrich knows hippo isn’t correctly dressed up for the parade.

We finally get birds on LPS!Blythe is excited for the faux-ostrich feather parade that’s happening this year and wants to design some costumes. The parade officers tell her that she’s not old enough to be the parade designer. She accidentally grabs another designer’s portfolio and heads back home.

Meanwhile Vinnie is excited to meet the parade’s conductor, Bruce the legal iguana. He goes to the warehouse where the parade is being prepared and is surprised to see a huge Bruce being rude to everyone.

When Blythe takes Vinnie to the warehouse, she’s shocked to see her designs being used. A designer named Ramone had found her portfolio and claimed her original designs as his own. No one believes Blythe except the myna bird, Desi, who saw his owner steal the designs. As a myna bird, he can talk to anyone, but he’s too scared of Ramone to speak up about the theft.

Blythe promises to help Desi regain his confidence and stands up for him and shows proof that Ramone stole the designs. Emboldened, Desi speaks up as well and proclaims he wants a new owner. Ramone is kicked out and Blythe is assigned as parade designer.

In the sub-plot, Vinnie discovers that the giant Bruce is actually a hologram that’s being controlled by “a man behind the curtain” in a mo-cap suit. He quits in frustration and Vinnie gets to “be” Bruce in the parade.

Like most LPS episodes, the “problem of the day” is pretty predictable. Vinnie had a Latin-inspired song, which was quite a nice touch, but it wasn’t as imaginative as other episodes LPS has had before.

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