303 – “Some Assistance Required”

Written by Adam Beechen
Blythe fills in for the assistant to the demanding Tres Blasé magazine editor, Mona Autumn, while Russell and Zoe contend with a passive-aggressive pet model at a photo shoot for the magazine.

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  • APS (the Anonymous Pet Streamer)

    Late Breaking LPS news!

    [/mostrecentairredLPSepisodespoilerreferencealert] whilest I’m not a big time fashion designer interviewing for an exclusive [/mostrecentairredLPSepisodespoilerreferencealert] I feel commenting and those here at DHN should know.

    ok so it’s not really late breaking news as I’m sure someone here is already aware of the timeslot move this coming Saturday but I waited until the last minute to check hubnetwork.com – and it seems hub is adding episodes the same day after they air again so if anybody that wants to add the hub link(s) go right ahead.

    so about that last minute part and the late news? well it has to do with Season 3 Episode 1,you know the one titled Sleeper with the weekend at bernie’s A-story and the power hibernating-napping raccoon named otto von fuzzlebuttweighsmorethenhelooks

    well it seems while the hubnetwork website and description says “Full Episode: Sleeper (Episode 1, Season 3)” It’s Actually labeled as 0305 by the hub in the stream file {HUB-LPS-0305-141759-005-HubWrld.mp4 to be exact} for some reason…but it seems to be in order so I really have no idea if this was the season opener or what really. (thus why I am commenting here on DHN about it and more so they’ve done this before with ponies. Don’t believe me? then why did Trade Ya suddenly rerun in order between Apple Bloom Home Alone and Maud recently?)

    anyway the hubnetwork website has it named HUB-LPS-0305-141759-005-HubWrld.mp4 if anyone’s intrested and for the next 113 minutes from this posting http://www.hubnetwork.com/shows/littlest-pet-shop/videos/full-episode-sleeper-episode-1-season-3 should still be somewhat vaild (hub episodes seem to get cut off at midnight ET on a x-date listed in the page html,Sleeper had a expy date of 00:00 June-16-2014 and it’s 22:07 June-15-2014 as of me typing this so)

    and despite my name,no I do not and would never think of giving business to that “bigger” pet store across town ;P even if Monban or the Biskets paid me in bits.

    -AnonPetStreamer out

    P.S: I still have yet to check WotWs and SAR’s streams but to those in the US/able to access the hubnetwork’s website and intrested – http://www.hubnetwork.com/shows/littlest-pet-shop/videos/full-episode-war-of-the-weirds-episode-2-season-3 and http://www.hubnetwork.com/shows/littlest-pet-shop/videos/full-episode-some-assistance-required-episode-3-season-3

    • Spazz

      I thought it was odd that my STB cable guide had War of the Weirds labeled as 301. I’ll have to wait for Sleeper to air again to to see how it was enumerated (it’s not airing again anytime soon.) Either way, we’ll see what the 5th episode to air is numbered as in any case. The STB guide has always been in line with MLP’s production order, fwiw.

    • StatManDan

      That is weird because “Sleeper” picks up right where the Pet Expo left off, or so it seems. I know that was mentioned again this past Saturday, but if it was 305, that’s very odd. I wonder what 301 is, then.