We get the second stop on the Pet Jet World Tour as we head to China, which is an unlikely destination these days for a cartoon with a modern setting like this one.

Mrs. Twombly is invited to come to Shanghai, China, to be honored in a ceremony for inventing Kung-Fu Quilting (harkening back to “Lotsa Luck”). In lieu of family nearby, Blythe and the pets come with her to China. The pets will be part of the ceremony as a dancing dragon as you see at Chinese New Year parades. Penny Ling sees this trip as a chance to meet her relatives at a panda preserve.

As the dragon is meant to chase away evil spirits, Sunil and Vinnie are instantly scared. However, Blythe says Vinnie can use his dance moves to ward off the spirits and Vinnie’s fears are gone. Russell’s fears get invoked at the mention of ghosts (harkening back to “Eight Arms to Hold You”). We also get a image sequence with a rap battle between Vinnie and some spirits with the former winning. It’s actually very good, though the song “Kung Fu Fighting” came immediately to mind, not necessarily anything from 8 Mile. Who wouldn’t have that song come to mind? By the way, Russell’s fear of ghosts is forgotten after the song as is the teasing Zoe, Minka, and Pepper gave Russell beforehand.

Back to Penny, she meets her relatives, and it turns out they know a lot about American through American musicals. They invite her to dinner, but it’s the night of the ceremony. She initially goes with the pandas, but comes back in time to perform the ceremony as she is vital as the dragon’s tail.

We have a great song, but the episode is somewhat fragmented by segments that really don’t click together. We have a scene where Blythe has to fix Mrs. T’s robe because it shrunk in the wash and then Penny asks her to create a costume for her dinner. There’s also the pets’ concern that Penny won’t be back in time for the ceremony to be the tail of the dragon. It’s like they only went halfway with a lot of things outside of the main storyline. That puts this episode in the middle of the road for Season Two.

  • Anonymous

    i appreciate you’re doing these reviews , let you know at least one person reads them.

  • The Shop Soldier

    You were a lot nicer to this one than some people were – I felt this was a mid – tier episode at best.

    Those stereotypes weren’t necessary. Noted. For. Victory.

    The episode would have been mid – high tier material for me, what with the problem of a little too much going on all at once, as you pointed out successfully.

    We need more people reviewing this show – quality products are everything and it’s our duty to see things are kept that way when no one else will. In short, thanks for all the reviews.