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What, Meme Worry?

1497606_585437854838634_1397874602_nToday’s episode of LPS featured an awesome moral that normally isn’t done in cartoons nowadays. Read more →

The Treasure of Henrietta Twombly

969442_581492351899851_1646134661_nYou can tell it took place in the past because of all the sepia and lines in the film. Read more →

Pawlm Reading Review

9ee675ea52f111e39a0b0a985b09a160_8The puns just never end over on The Hub.

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Heart of Parkness Review


Today’s episode of Littlest Pet Shop really doesn’t know how snakes work. Also racist raccoons. Review below the break!

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Eight Arms to Hold You Review

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There doesn’t seem to be many people recording or streaming LPS this season, and with Spazz out at Nightmare Nights Dallas, finding the episode to review took some time. Read more →

LPS Plushies Found on German Site

littlest_pet_shop_all_in_oneLittlest Pet Shop has a ton of merch, but not always anything that’s like that of the show. This seems to be changing with a line of plushies of the main characters.

Fuck Yeah Littlest Pet Shop posted a link to the German shopping site that seems to focus on plush toys, licensed or otherwise. They’re available individually or as a group and are all really cute.

No word if they’ll be making their way to the states.



Season 2 of Littlest Pet Shop Begins Today

From Twily Daily

From Twily Daily

MLP isn’t here quite yet, but Littlest Pet Shop is! Episodes 1 and 2 of season 2 aired today. Episodes 3 and 4 will be in the coming weeks. Past the break you’ll find new episode descriptions and some quick reviews of today’s new episodes. Read more →