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LPS Review: “Paint a Picture, It Lasts Longer”


Minka is experimenting with new styles of painting and comes up with a portrait of Blythe and the pets (with large eyes). All the pets like it except for Minka because she’s “not feeling it.” Blythe also likes the picture and wants to take it with her, but Minka urges Blythe not to tell them she painted. So course, when confronted by her friends at school, Blythe says she painted them. Also of course, the Biskits want Blythe to make a portrait of them to give to their grandmother.

Meanwhile all this time, Minka is still “not feeling it” with the different styles of painting and is feeling it even less when everyone compliments her. Minka finally comes around when Blythe tells her how much everyone else appreciates her paintings. Now, this is a legitimate conflict for an artist. While others may marvel at your work, you as the artist may not have as glowing an impression. Anyway, Minka helps Blythe create the portrait which is a mish-mash of the previous styles Minka has tried and the Biskits get Blythe to sign a contract never to make portraits again so theirs doesn’t depreciate in value. (That’s so Biskits.)

This is a nice episode painting a picture (no pun intended) of how everyone but the artist can appreciate the artist’s work. It’s a reminder of the old Monty Python gag, “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like.” The pets do know what they like, but Minka, who knows the most about art, doesn’t like it. It just seemed natural a conflict for a Minka episode and kudos to the writing staff for coming up with it.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Natural conflict for Minka
  • +  The paintings themselves
  • –  Blythe bowing to peer pressure a bit too easy.



Littlest Pet Shop 421 – Paint a Picture, It Lasts Longer Episode Guide

minka_mark_by_tatibell-d6t5krq[1]Minka Mark by Tatibell

421 – “Paint a Picture, It Lasts Longer”

Written by: Nick Confalone
When Minka paints in a new style that everyone loves except her, Blythe promises to keep her name a secret by taking credit for it.

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Ratings Report: MLP and LPS

Both My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Littlest Pet Shop experienced increases in viewership since they last ran a new episode. For MLP, “No Second Prances” drew an estimated 258,000 viewers last Saturday on Discovery Family. That’s an increase of 31.6% from two weeks ago which was the lowest since we’ve recorded the show’s viewership. The early Season Six average is at 287,000 after six episodes.

Next up for MLP is “Newbie Dash” this coming Saturday at 11:30am ET/10:30 CT on Discovery Family.

For LPS, “On the Same Page” drew an estimated 130,000 viewers on Discovery Family, last Saturday. That’s up 30% from last week’s episode and is the second-straight increase for the show. The show’s Season Four average now stands at 141,900 after 20 episodes.

LPS’s 99th episode, “Paint a Picture, It Lasts Longer,” is this coming Saturday at noon ET/11am CT on Discovery Family.

Ratings information for this report comes courtesy of Mitch Metcalf of Showbuzz Daily as measured by Nielsen Media Research.


LPS Review: “On the Same Page”


Blythe is reading her Mom’s journal when she comes at a sudden stop which describes her Mom losing the ability to speak to animals. Because it would be too easy to double-check to see if the missing page is nearby, Blythe overreacts and tries to come up with an alternate way of communicating to the animals. That’s the A-plot. The B-plot is that the girls’ stuff is crowding the day camp and the boys are upset about it. Because it would not make much of an episode if they talked things out to make space for everything in the day camp right then an there, the boys move to the loft where they could do “boy things.”

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Littlest Pet Shop 420 – On the Same Page


420 – “On the Same Page”

Written by: Roger Eschbacher
Blythe becomes fearful that she may lose the ability to communicate with the pets; the pets have a petty argument that prevents them from communicating altogether.

  • 420
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Ratings Report (LPS): Race Team: Buttercream


A better showing last weekend from Littlest Pet Shop while MLP had a bye week. “Race Team: Buttercream” drew an estimated 100,000 viewers last Saturday on Discovery Family. That is up from the all-time low for the show from last week. The Season Four average for the show is now at 142,526 per episode.

Next up is “On the Same Page” this coming Saturday at noon ET/11am CT on Discovery Family.

Ratings information for this report comes courtesy of Mitch Metcalf of Showbuzz Daily as measured by Nielsen Media Research.


LPS Review: “Race Team: Buttercream”

tumblr_o65bn0DHOI1t85r0eo2_500[1]We begin with Blythe being too dependent on her cell phone. Her Dad essentially dares her not to use it for one week. For the convenience of the plot, we don’t bring up laptops or tablets or other means of potential communication. Meanwhile, Vinnie and Sunil are going to the underground bunny races and Buttercream is going to tag along. As they get to the races, a bell rings to mark the start of the race and to turn Buttercream into a female Spike Flash McCarrot and she is competitive with the other racers.

The top racer, Fluffy Lightning, challenges Buttercream (aka Flash) to a race. Meanwhile, Blythe hands Russell her cell phone to help her not be so dependent on it. Russell then hands it to Vinnie and Sunil to record the upcoming race. Of course, the bell turns Buttercream to normal, Fluffy easily wins, and she gets the trophy–Blythe’s cell phone which Vinnie and Sunil left lying around. Of course, Blythe is then told by Youngmee that Josh asked about her about Blythe’s phone number which effectively nullifies the pledge.

Of course, Vinnie and Sunil now need Buttercream to turn back into Flash and win the phone back. They convince Fluffy to another race by saying Flash let her win. Of course, several plot contrivances later with the ball and Buttercream moving at the speed of the plot, she wins. As it turns out, Josh wanted Blythe’s opinion on a Pet Wellness Center since he wanted to take his pet Fluffy there.

You’ll notice I did mention the fact that the fact Buttercream turns into something else whenever a bell rings has never been brought up before in the show and it was never explained why she does that in the first place in the episode. If I mentioned all the plot contrivances and conveniences as well as how Russell does something foolish for the sake of the story (giving Sunil and Vinnie the phone without Blythe’s permission), we’d be here all day. So I’ll just end things here.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Buttercream returns
  • –  Pavlov effect never brought up or explained
  • –  Plot contrivances and conveniences galore.
  • –  The weasel wasn’t interesting