This is the first of two upcoming episodes where we have a classic rock reference in the title. This is the one for the song of the same name by the ironically-named band War. Now back to the current day.

After chasing a fly “Tom and Jerry”-style, Vinnie befriends a genial spider named Weber (voiced by Peter New). However, this may be a problem with Sunil since he has arachnophobia (fear of spiders). So, Vinnie and the other pets try to hide him from Sunil. That is our A-plot.

The B-plot is Blythe also meeting a new friend named Cora. She works at the thrift shop and is into fashion like Blythe. They strike up quite a conversation to the point where Blythe is unintentionally neglecting Sue and Youngmee. Blythe is so caught up with Cora, with the latter suggesting that the former apply her pet fashions to people, that Sue and Youngmee feel pushed aside.

Meanwhile, Sunil notices the pets are up to something. He thinks that it’s for his surprise birthday party (even though his birthday is not for several months). Actually, it’s to build a habitat for Weber. It’s actually a very nice complete with shower. While the pets get more items for the habitat, Sunil sneaks in and meets Weber who is showering. Sunil freaks out and heads up the dumbwaiter to Blythe who is feeling guilty about neglecting Sue and Youngmee.

Blythe gets Sunil to calm down and convinces him that Weber is not so scary. Sunil and Weber find things in common (like a fear of ghost cows) and they become friends. That’s one problem solved. Now for the other one in which Weber suggests formally introducing Sue and Youngmee to Cora. Old friends apologize and make up; Blythe for neglecting Sue and Youngmee, and Sue and Youngmee for their treatment of Blythe after meeting Cora. And as a bonus, Blythe designs animal-head hats for all her friends, including Cora.

The episode ends with Vinnie finally understanding how “Weber” is a clever name for a spider.

Once again we have another charming episode. Again, nothing too overwhelming with this episode, but both plots are easy to follow and are executed very well (though A-plot was a little better). One has to make mention of Peter New’s performance as both Sunil and Weber. Sunil’s dialogue was hilarious at times and Weber is a character I truly would like to see more of the in the future. One wonders if we will see Cora soon as well. Despite the low degree of difficulty with this episode, there is really a lot to like about this one.

Now then, I wonder if we’ll have some Beach Boy references next week.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Peter New as both Sunil and Weber
  • +  Two new interesting characters
  • +  Easy to follow plots well-executed
  • –  Low degree of difficulty

SCORE:  9.5/10


  • WannabePetShopper

    A wannabe Pet Shopper here. Does anyone know where I could possibly download the episodes (they seem to be pretty rare if you don’t have iTunes).

  • S-3

    Truly another High Tier victory for LPS, despite the simplicity. But we really could use an episode showing how Youngmee is coping with Blythe’s secret right about now – there are only 8 episodes left after this… Anything for some continued effective character development around this pet shop (for the ones who truly matter!)…

  • Raffaele Lanza

    Mmmmhhhh I’m wondering if we’ll see Weber more often compared to others recurring characters since, you know, he pratically lives in the shop. I wouldn’t mind anyway, I really like him. Great episode anyway, second best episode of the season after The Secret Recipe.