So we from a “Weekend at Bernie’s” plot to a take on Orsen Wells’ “War of the Worlds.” Interesting segue, but OK then. As Mrs. T returns is taking the pets back from the vet, Sunil and Vinnie see what they think is a flying saucer atop the roof of a building. Being Sunil and Vinnie, they panic. The rest of the pets being the rest of the pets, they let their imagination run wild and are convinced as well. Everyone, that is, except Minka who recalls her “trip to Mars” from “Standup Stinker” and is convinced she can handle them. The rest of the pets are unwilling to tell Minka the truth as of yet. That is our A-plot.

Our B-plot is that Mrs. T, incenses at the amount of advertising Fisher Biskit is doing for his shop (though they’re mostly about himself), decides to try her hand at advertising. So she first hires a sign-spinner–which turns out to be Madison dressed as the Statue of Liberty. If there was a character more useless than Emma was in “Plane it on Rio”….. Anyway, each attempt Mrs. T. tries at advertising is countered by another of Fisher’s ads for LEPS via TV and billboards.

Meanwhile, Blythe is unconvinced of the aliens, so she takes the pets on her scooter and to the site of the “flying saucer.” Along the way the pets mistake various objects for alien-type stuff:  A ship with water tower, then an “assault robot” with a garbage truck, and then “spacemen” with floppy air dancers. Blythe tells them that they have to control their imagination (Thank You!). They get to the site of the “flying saucer,” and it’s not there anymore and the building turns out to be Largest Ever Pet Shop. The Biskit Twins (in their own arrogant way) tell Blythe that it was an advertising inflatable and their Dad sold it to someone. No points for guessing who that was.

Anyway, this was a very good episode. The A-plot was well-handled and brought under control by Blythe as the pets do let their imaginations run wild. That’s not just Sunil and Vinnie, and that has been lampshaded before in previous episodes. The difference here is that Blythe maintains a level head this time unlike in “The Hedgehog in the Plastic Bubble.” Plus, there were tons of funny moments from how the pets were going to deal with the “aliens” in their own way, to the punch-buggy game, to the twist ending at the end.

As for the B-plot, that was on-and-off, but still holds true that we might have the arc of the season in LPS vs. LEPS. However, given last week’s episode, it proved a bit of a rocky segue from LPS booming to needing something to boost sales in the face of LEPS’ ad campaign (which again comes off as mostly about Fisher). Hopefully, there could also be a sequel hook about Minka’s “Mission to Mars” in the near future as well.

Pluses and Minuses:
+ Potential for seasonal arc continues
+ A-plot kept in tow
+ Humor
+ A-plot and B-plot tie in nicely
– B-plot choppy at times.
– Madison is useless.

SCORE:  8/10


  • The Shop Soldier

    Yeah – Madison is such a dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    i prefer every character over Blythe , even Madison