Once again, the show appears to be looking to the movies for inspiration with their A-plots in Season Three. The first episode channeled “Weekend at Bernie’s,” the second channeled “War of the Worlds,” and the third appears to be channeling “The Devil Wears Prada.” Mona Autumn’s frazzled assistant Phoebe comes into LPS looking for Blythe. She tells Blythe that she finally got a day off (for sake of health and emails from doctor and psychiatrist), but Mona would only agree to it if Blythe replaces her for the day. She also says that her photographer wanted Russell and Zoe for a shoot–which will be our B-plot. 

Russell and Zoe meet another dog named Tangier. He seems nice and appears to be very helpful to Russell, but Zoe suspects not everything is on the up and up with him. First though, they have to get through what appears to be Russell messing up the shoot by sneezing. A negative result here might reflect negatively on Blythe, but Zoe’s suspicions are confirmed as Tangier put sneezing powder on Russell’s scarf. So they set off to expose Tangier.

Meanwhile, Blythe thinking she can handle any crisis after the cold open and thinking she can take whatever Mona throws at her quickly becomes overwhelmed. Thankfully, Cairo the cat, Mona’s pet, is there to help out. However, the work catches up to Blythe as not removing the asparagus from Mona’s lunch resulted in Mona getting an allergic reaction with her face swollen. Worse, she’s due to meet a reclusive designer named Clover Fields about featuring her line. Blythe manages to prevent an embarrassing meeting for Mona as her “creativity” (with help from Cairo) keeps Clover from seeing Mona in her swollen state. Mona commends her on that creativity, though says she makes a better designer (for which she will always take a look at her line) than an assistant. In the end, Blythe learns that there are some things she cannot handle by herself.

Back at the shoot, Tangier is seen putting hot sauce into Russell food. Indeed, it again disrupts the photo shoot, but that turns out to be part of the plan exposing Tangier as Zoe took photos of Tangier’s deed. His punishment is getting a “timeout” and then there’s a throwaway scene with the hot sauce for karma.

The episode ends with Blythe, Zoe, and Russell ending up on a day of “ups and downs.”

Another very good episode for LPS. We got a break from the LPS vs. LEPS arc and focus on just two of the pets instead of having all seven involved. It is a nice follow-up from the Season Two Finale, only this time Zoe is more supportive of Russell during the shoot. Another character who shone was Cairo. She does recall Blythe from her earlier visits to Tres Blase magazine and was very helpful when Blythe was getting overwhelmed. Really, the only thing I would take issue here is that the B-plot was very much by-the-book. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it really didn’t do anything really daring with it as opposed to the A-plot. Other than that, the scores keep going up for Littlest Pet Shop. One can only hope the viewership does in due time as well.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • + Relatable A-plot for Blythe
  • + Cairo
  • + Interaction between Blythe and Mona after climax.
  • + Zoe’s support of Russell
  • – B-plot while still good, doesn’t stand out.

SCORE:  9/10


  • @DerpySquad
    if the “movie” theme continues…well I’ve seen the clip with the guys in white 1970s outfits,so I’m calling it now – expect a Saturday Night Fever movie reference in the near future!

    and speaking of clips

    I happen to have comcast which (despite being in a different post) says 10:30am (ET) for this Saturday,as did Zap2It when I checked…however the following week seems to revert back to 9:30am (ET) so.

    and before I forget,it seems Sleeper was labeled on hubworld as s3e1 but BY hubworld as s3e5
    taking a closer look I noticed that HUB-LPS-0303-141759-003 = Some Assistance Required (Episode 3, Season 3) yet HUB-LPS-0301-141759-001-HubWrld.mp4 = War of the Weirds (Episode 2, Season 3) So now the question is what will hubnetwork upload and label as 0302 and if or not 0304 will in fact be Cupid this weekend?

    and speaking of facts and/or cupid
    Funfact: While it may or may not have to do with Cupid this weekend (LPS 304/Secret Cupet) but there’s a oldies (1958!) song co-written by Neil Sedaka (and sung by Connie Francis) called Stupid Cupid.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think it’s all that great episode, but it as pretty good for beechen (some of fans dislike his way of writing episodes , i sign up as well) , blythe is really bland as a main character, and the pet subplot was really short and cliche.

    but damn if Cairo wasn’t the best guest pet, so supportive,and now i am now more fond of the sphynx breed ;)

    ps. phoebe needs to learn some assertivity.

  • StatManDan

    @APS: I still have 9:30am ET/8:30am CT with my cable provider (not Comcast) and TV Guide as of the time of this post. It would be weird that “Sleeper” would be 303 since that episode picks up right where “The Expo Factor” left off given the call backs to that episode and 302 being “War of the Weirds.” I nearly took off points with the latter for a potential 180 of in the battle of the pet shops where it is LEPS far ahead of LPS when you had the opposite just the episode before.