Before I ask where Spazz got the artwork for the episode guide, wouldn’t it be nice to talk about the episode itself. It starts with Youngmee attempting to communicate with Buttercream in the way Blythe does with animals. It’s unsuccessful. That leads to our solitary plot. Professor Shuperman (Sam Vincent) has brought his monkey Cheep-Cheep (Colin Murdoch), who is also Minka’s cousin, to LPS. The professor invented a helmet that is supposed to translate pet sounds into words so that the pets could talk to their owners. Unfortunately, the sounds translate into gibberish—which is kind of funny.

This gets Cheep-Cheep down as it leads the professor to believe he is actually saying the gibberish (No, I won’t repeat any of it). It does get the other pets to wish if they could talk to the humans. It’s kind of like Dr. Doolittle in reverse. Indeed, the title of the song is “If I Could Talk to the Humans.” During this song, we get to see many of the pets with their owners. We’ve seen Pepper’s before in “So Interesting” and Zoe’s a couple of times, but this is the first time for Russell and Penny Ling.

However, while wearing the helmet, Cheep-Cheep talks to Blythe and he now thinks the helmet is working, though it was actually turned off by Blythe while explaining said helmet to Youngmee. Cheep-Cheep is setting off for Downtown City College and there are two groups out after him. Minka goes with Youngmee with the latter afraid that she’ll struggle to understand the former, and Blythe goes with Russell. We get video game effects because video game effects are funny. All the while, Cheep-Cheep asks random humans for directions with no success not realizing that the real reason the humans are communicating with him is because the helmet is turned off.

He does get to the college as does Minka and Youngmee—the latter getting better at understanding Minka, and Blythe and Russell. Cheep-Cheep and Professor Shuperman try the helmet again, but it’s gibberish again. It’s funny, but it won’t get him the award he’s up for. Minka, and later Blythe, comes in and suggest other ways pets can communicate with humans and that proves to be more effective and does win him the award.

Needless to say that LPS is on a hot streak in terms of episodes right now. We get follow-up from “The Secret Recipe” as well as getting to see some of the pets’ owners for the first time in some cases. Russell’s owner kind of looks like Ellie from Up. The song is animation that goes with it was well done. And yes, the gibberish was quite funny. About the one thing I have an issue with was the “Indiana Jones” imagine sequence with Minka and Youngmee when going after Cheep-Cheep. It just felt a bit awkward and out of place and we exit the sequence with Cheep-Cheep falling which leads the viewer to how or what he fell off from. It’s not a bad sequence, but I’m not sure what it’s doing here.

But still, the good far outweighs the bad yet again and it’s hard to believe we have just seven episodes to go in this season.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Follow-Up from “The Secret Recipe”
  • +  Owners!
  • +  Song
  • +  Story builds well into follow-up
  • +  Humor
  • –  Imagine sequence feels out of place and random.

SCORE:  9/10


  • It Was From Facebook From The Pet Shop Group …I Think ?

  • Raffaele Lanza

    Another great episode for this show. Man, after the Snow Stormin fail, the series seems like has got so much better in the latest episodes.