LPS Review: “Paint a Picture, It Lasts Longer”


Minka is experimenting with new styles of painting and comes up with a portrait of Blythe and the pets (with large eyes). All the pets like it except for Minka because she’s “not feeling it.” Blythe also likes the picture and wants to take it with her, but Minka urges Blythe not to tell them she painted. So course, when confronted by her friends at school, Blythe says she painted them. Also of course, the Biskits want Blythe to make a portrait of them to give to their grandmother.

Meanwhile all this time, Minka is still “not feeling it” with the different styles of painting and is feeling it even less when everyone compliments her. Minka finally comes around when Blythe tells her how much everyone else appreciates her paintings. Now, this is a legitimate conflict for an artist. While others may marvel at your work, you as the artist may not have as glowing an impression. Anyway, Minka helps Blythe create the portrait which is a mish-mash of the previous styles Minka has tried and the Biskits get Blythe to sign a contract never to make portraits again so theirs doesn’t depreciate in value. (That’s so Biskits.)

This is a nice episode painting a picture (no pun intended) of how everyone but the artist can appreciate the artist’s work. It’s a reminder of the old Monty Python gag, “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like.” The pets do know what they like, but Minka, who knows the most about art, doesn’t like it. It just seemed natural a conflict for a Minka episode and kudos to the writing staff for coming up with it.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Natural conflict for Minka
  • +  The paintings themselves
  • –  Blythe bowing to peer pressure a bit too easy.



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