LPS Review: “LPS – The Moosical”


Look a moose! No, really! There is a moose. The moose named Fleur is in the daycamp as her habitat at the conservation center is being renovated and she sings when she gets nervous. Because she is “1/4 Canadian” Blythe hears her sing lovely. Everyone else, though, hears “a trash can being shot out of a cannon into a fireworks factory.” Since Mrs. Twombly is about to reunite with her former quartet via a Skype-type service since Littlest Pet Street is opening soon, Blythe needs to make Fleur relax.

One way she relaxes is when she is with her favorite stick back at the conservation center. When Sunil and Vinnie go to retrieve it, they come upon a moose named Hammy Jumbo and he has a crush on Fleur because of her singing and thinks they can make a wonderful duo since he also dances.

To stall time, Blythe and Mrs. T. fake connection problems until Fleur can relax. The two moose sing and it unwittingly assists Mrs. T as she practices pitch with her fellow Songbirds. I wonder if we will see the moose again.

Anyway, this was a funny episode, though it appeared that they hand-waived the fact that Blythe hears beautiful singing and everyone hears “a jet engine being dragged behind a dump truck covered in bubble wrap.” Of course, there are moose in Canada, and they have French-Canadian accents, and the voice actors are all Canadian, so…I still call hand wave.

To be fair, it’s really the only flaw of the episode, but a significant one because they didn’t explain why everyone else only hears moose calls. It would be a nitpick to discuss the fake connection problems and seniors not being the most astute with computers. It was still a funny episode nonetheless.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Humor
  • +  Moose!
  • +  Mrs. T’s many talents
  • –  Blythe able to hear actual singing is a hand-wave



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