LPS Review: “It’s A Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy World”


It’s morning at the day camp and everybody’s happy, happy, joy, joy happy, happy, happy, happy—except Sunil. He didn’t sleep well, he’s out of his favorite cereal, and his favorite pillow is at the cleaners. Meanwhile, a gopher who’s just like Rebound from Pound Puppies (because it is Rebound’s VA Brooke Goldner) named Peachy comes to the day camp. She tells Sunil that if he wants to find true happiness, he should go to the “Big Smile” in town. So Sunil takes to the tubes and the rest of the pets follow and get split up.

Meanwhile, Blythe is with Josh and her Mom’s journal while volunteering in a clean-up. Blythe gets closer to Josh, but ends up losing her journal in the process as it goes on several rides in the B-plot.

Since Vinnie easily loses Sunil, the remaining pets spilt off in teams of two. Minka and Vinnie go to the “Hipster” part of town and commandeer an RC Car colliding with a squirrel who used the journal as a skateboard. Russell and Pepper go to the East Side and take to the air on a pigeon—who just had the journal. Zoe and Penny Ling go to Diamond Hill and turn a wagon into a rickshaw. Meanwhile, Sunil goes through town and eventually finds the “Big Smile” in the form of a billboard. The journal gets there because of a traveling rat. The pets all meet up as well in various ways. The get the journal to Blythe distraught as losing the journal. She and Josh do try to retrace their steps, but we don’t see Josh after that scene (about the only thing wrong with the episode).

Blythe gets her journal back, Sunil is happy, there’s a group hug, and that’s the episode.

This was a very funny episode. The cold open did well with the classy leaky faucet at the start for Sunil and then the setup followed along. We really don’t see much of Peachy, but she does play an important role in the A-plot. Of course, we get different pair-ups this time and all three worked to good degree. Overall, this was a very nice episode and a much better effort than last week.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Humor
  • +  The different pairings this time around.
  • +  Blythe getting closer with Josh
  • –  Josh abruptly dropped towards the end of the episode.



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