LPS Review: “Go Figure!”


In this episode, it’s the return of “Super Sunil” from the episode of the same name. Actually, not this time. This time, Vinnie is the “Lizard of Legend”—LOL for short. Sunil is “The Sidekick to be Named Later” since “Mangoose” doesn’t work. Anyway, they are going to be models for Blythe’s stand featuring her line of pet cosplay called “Pawsplay” at a convention called “Zapper-Con”. Blythe is hoping to raise money for scotter repairs. That’s our A-plot. The B-plot is a grasshopper named Master Hop (Sam Vincent) has arrived for some zen, but won’t get any since Minka wishes to be his student in order to be more “focused”.

Master Hop does see someone he does want to teach in Russell, who is playing the role of a Brony fan who is upset with a sudden change with his favorite character in the show for which the convention devoted to (“Agents of Zap”), so he’ll read his Seasons One and Two comics instead. Russell eventually accepts on the condition he teaches Minka as well. One parody of “The Best Around” later, mission accomplished.

Back at the A-plot. Vinnie gets tired to modeling and wanders off. Sunil tries the Hansel and Gretel trail trick to lead back to Blythe’s booth, but the belly-button fuzz (which has never come up before) blows away. Meanwhile, the Biskits are at the convention hoping to get an action figure of Baron Lizardowitz (who bears a striking resemblance to Vinnie). Instead, they find an out-cold Vinnie from Sunil’s accidental “fingerpoke of doom”. However, the temptation of auction is too much for the Biskits and they put Vinnie up for auction with everyone thinking it’s a mint-condition action figure.

Blythe is willing to sacrifice her scooter repair fund to get Vinnie back, but Brittany then bids $10,000 to win it. That is, until “Super Sunil” saves the day with permanent marker on Vinnie’s suit, drastically devaluing Vinnie and voiding the previous bidding. Blythe gets Vinnie back for $1 and the Biskits will give their Dad bronze statues of themselves.

The B-plot does everything basic and does well there. The A-plot has some laughs, but lacks a bit of focus towards the end with the auction and humans being short-sighted for the sake of the story. Plus, it is me, or is everyone taking a shot at BronyCon nowadays. Following such shows as Bob’s Burgers and Wander Over Yonder, why not? Again, a good episode that needed a tad more focus with the A-plot.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  “Super Sunil” returns!
  • +  Russell does well in the B-plot
  • +  Minka focusing
  • +  A-plot good to start off with
  • –  But A-plot loses focus towards the end



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