LPS Review: Back Window


Movies and reality shows are referenced quite a lot on Littlest Pet Shop, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the combination of Rear Window and Wipeout used ever. Yes, Wipeout is technically a game show, and a questionably dangerous one at that, but let’s see how FM DeMarco combines Hitchcock with a questionably dangerous game show.

After a couple of Hitchcock references with a flyer in the wind, we come to LPS to see two things:  Blythe having designer’s block coming up with new pet fashions and Penny Ling obsessed with a Wipeout-type show called “Faceplant” which so happens to be for pets and tryouts are coming to Downtown City. Penny Ling decides to enter the pets for the tryouts, so they practice using the home game version (hammerhead sharks not included). However, it leads to Russell spraining his quills and he is recuperating inside some round-type device and only has the back window to look at which drives him insane, but not before driving the others insane with a duck call supposed to be used for emergencies.

Outside, he sees Josh taking some of Blythe’s discarded designs from the recycle bin. Russell was already suspicious of Josh taking interest in Blyhte’s designs earlier, but everyone else is convinced he’s got The Wrong Man. Somehow, Russell convinces himself that Josh is taking the designs to give them to the Biskits so they can get rich off Blythe’s designs and he tries to tell the other pets in fantasy mode complete with references to The Birds and North by Northwest and the TV show Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Even the pets think that his fantasy is ridiculous.

After seeing Josh take Blythe’s discarded designs again, Russell tries to tell Blythe and gets her attention and gives her a fast forward version of his story to the pets. Blythe does believe him (to a point) and hides behind the dumpsters where, sure enough, Josh is taking the designs. When Blythe questions him, Josh says it was not to give them to the Biskits, but rather build a vision board to help her with her work as he was concerned about her designer block. The idea came from his parents when he was having trouble with soccer tryouts, so the attached pictures of past triumphs in soccer to help him and they worked. It eventually works with Blythe as her friends approve of them.

Russell eventually heals, only to see the other pets not have a successful tryout at “Faceplant,” which figures since there are obvious problems with their pet pyramid to capture the flag such as having your heaviest player on top one of your lightest at the bottom.

This actually turned out to be a good episode that is carried a great deal by the humor. The pets now that the game show they want to go on is “questionably dangerous,” but of course they’ll do it anyway. I don’t really recall a cartoon show covering so many reality (game) shows quite like this one. Here, it works on the humor alone—though I don’t believe even Wipeout has sharks as part of its obstacle course.

Where the episode also shines is with Josh. Here, he’s genuinely concerned with Blythe and is trying to help her which turns out well. Blythe does have a crush on him and the episode does well not to overplay it. (Now if MLP and/or Equestria Girls can do something better with Flash Sentry….)

The only issues here are that Russell immediately jumping to the conclusion that Josh was working for the Biskits again is a bit too random and Russell being suspicious of Josh in the first place is a bit out of nowhere.

Hopefully, no one will watch this episode and then enter their pet in a “questionably dangerous” game show or other potentially dangerous activity. These pets are cartoon characters. Do not try this at home. Outside of that, there was plenty that this episode gets right.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Humor
  • +  Unique combination of Hitchcock and Wipeout
  • +  Josh
  • –  Russell jumps to random conclusion
  • –  Why is Russell so suspicious of Josh to begin with?

SCORE:  7.5/10


  • S-3

    At least I have a good episode to look forward to when it becomes available, judging by this review… Now here’s hoping the next 2 can at least deliver on that as well.

  • Jake Maason

    It was a good episode :}

  • GRR!!