Let’s cut to the chase. The A-plot is that Blythe and Zoe are going to help train Eliza’s dog Leah Rose to win the Upper Crust Pure-Bred Dog Show. A show that Zoe is barred from because her breed was deemed “too wild.” Predictable, Zoe has the resolve of an over-competitive flag football player harboring memories of being cut from the varsity football team. The problem with Leah Rose is that she is not interested in winning the competition, in fact she wants to throw it. More on that later.

The B-plot is Wiggles the alligator returning to the day camp, and he is now a self-help specialist—also with predictable results. You have the trust gag as only Sunil and Vinnie can perform it, Pepper and Penny Ling establishing the art of going second, and Minka going ape trying to manifest the want of wanting a banana. Russell is of course skeptical and we get the truth is that Wiggles was using the self-help book to help with talking to a girl alligator at his camp. Cue the pets telling Wiggles to just be himself.

Back to the A-plot, we learn why Leah Rose doesn’t want to go through with the show, she is not a pure-bred Landingham-Pekinese. She is a mixed-breed and is worried that Eliza might disown her if she found out. The judges and Eliza do find out after Leah Rose does go ahead with the show, but  Eliza is Ok with her dog. Indeed, they create a new mixed-breed category for her.

So two stories about being yourself. The B-plot worked it a bit better than the A-plot. The A-plot lost focus a bit as it seemed like it would turn into a Zoe to win through training exercise. Blythe would certainly win for being duped into doing dog tricks by Zoe. However, the A-plot dragged a bit. The B-plot had its moments, but it couldn’t carry the entire episode. Nine episodes to go.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Both plots focus on the same theme.
  • +  Wiggles returns.
  • –  A-plot loses focus at times
  • –  Biskit Twins are extraneous
  • GRADE:  B-


  • DaftMink

    They changed the title of the episode prior to air it’s “A Doggie Biskit” now.

  • Tosha Crowthers

    this is my favorite episode